I started my career as a Graphic Designer. My passion to create exciting and innovative art that will invoke a positive reaction from people was my motivation to become a Graphic Designer. Throughout the years, I have had the privilege to work on many projects including award winning book covers and web design layouts. The ability to design web layouts intrigued me. This interest became evident while designing a UX flow for a client. I recall thinking to myself, how incredible it would be to design a website that met this client’s expectation and more. Though a tyro in this field and my skills set at its nascent, I knew at that moment that Graphic Design and Web Development was the career that I desired to pursue.
I am continuing to advance my knowledge and put my skills to practice. My most recent success is working with myextensionz.com on SEO for a target keyword of virgin hair. When I first began with the company, they were on the 8th page on google's search engine. I excitedly share that I have managed to bring them to the 3rd page. SEO was a skill that I thought to be challenging over the years. I honed in on this skill and devoted time and energy to perfecting it which allowed me to be successful in my work with myextensionz.com.
My passion for UI/UX, and Web Development continues to be a career that I am in full pursuit of. Over the years, I have developed in many skills including: Adobe Creative Suite, HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, C++, SQL, and SEO. I am continuing to develop knowledge in the field through continuing higher education at New York City College of Technology, which is where I am currently enrolled. I am expected to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in June of 2018.

I am currently adding more work to this site, In the meantime if you would like to see more my work feel free to contact me using the information i have provided below:

email: josephbuapimdesigns@gmail.com

phone: 347.638.0186


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