IGN App homescreen

Project Brief:

I Got Next Magazine (IGN) is an entertainment digital magazine which I founded in 2011 with the help of producers, script writers and performers. This digital magazine displays talent from up and coming artists throughout various states including New York and Georgia. While seeking continued growth opportunities, IGN is looking to develop and launch a mobile app for readers to continue to remain up to date with displays of new talent.

the framework

before i began this project i creeated the framework to give me an idea of what the finish product would resemble. i find this to be a good practice when designing for both me and the client.

the mockup

once the framework is complete i then moved on to the mockup. for this design i wanted to keep the design simple and clean to promote east accessibility for the user. the colors of the company is red & white is the colors of the company so i esnuured the design adhered strictly to the style guid of the company.

audio player bar

the audio player bar is simple clean and easy to use, an image of the selected artist which the user is currently listening to is generated next to the time bar of the song with the artist name and song title.

song paused

once the user pauses the song, the pause button transitions to a play button for ease for the user to begin to playback the song they were currently listening to, in addition the user image is overlayed with a faded red color to indicate the song has been paused.

Hovering over categories(playing video of the week)

When the user is interacting with the categories they can easily just tap on each category to go their preffered page. for example when the user taps on the video of the week category the image is overlayed with a message letting you know that the video is currently being loaded.

Video play

the video is then maximized in full screen mode with video controls which are similar to audio controls for consistency and easy use. The user can exit out of the video by tapping the x button underneath the logo.

selecting and changing a song

when the user is ready to change the song they can easily click the "change a song" link and a box with artist for the user to selct from will pop up, once the user selects a song an overlay will show on top of the selected song before the song is then drop to the play module and begins to play.

Changing a song

select a song

song selected