a little about me

I maintain an Associate’s degree in Computer Graphic and Imaging from Technical Career Institute College located in the Bronx, NY. Over the past 6 years, I have been working as a Graphic Designer/ Web Developer. As a Graphic Designer/ Web Developer, I have been offered the opportunity to work for commercial agencies servicing the entertainment and media fields, in addition to establishing, managing, and maintaining customers through Freelance work. Skills which I’ve acquired over the years include design, wire frames, layout design, illustration, and website development. My experiences have also allowed me to increase in skills including collaboration, communication, networking, organization, time management, multitasking, leadership, professionalism, and My most recent position was held at Myregistry.com as a UI/UX Designer. In that position, I designed UI/UX flows for Registry widgets, designed effective campaign ads for client companies, utilized CSS to implement new responsive layouts and worked closely with developers to build widgets. Additional experience includes Freelance works as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer. In this position, many of my key duties and responsibilities involved developing ways to create marketing materials for companies which I serviced, which included brochures, banners, business cards, and promotional materials. I assisted clientele in ways to enhance digital and social media sites in an effort to effectively connect with target audience, developed and maintained company websites, ensured deadlines were met accordingly, and provided efficient and swift service to customers. My abilities and experiences are far-ranging. I have developed the ability to see a given project from its beginning idea through conceptual development and design, to the final product. I am well versed in different areas of design and have successfully designed solutions for print media and websites. With my educational and work experience, I believe I am a great candidate for this position and would be a tremendous asset to your company.